Saturday, April 12, 2014

International Bribery Lawyer Confidentially Reviews FCPA Bounty Actions for Whistleblowers by International Bribery Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

International Bribery Lawyer Confidentially Reviews Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Bribery Scheme Bounty Actions for International Whistleblowers by International Bribery Lawyer and International Bribery Scheme Bounty Action Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the new SEC Whistleblower Incentive Program, whistleblowers with original and specialized knowledge and evidence of corporate bribery and illegal kickbacks are eligible to recover large economic awards.  By gathering this evidence and properly reporting international bribery scheme to the SEC through an international bribery lawyer, these whistleblowers can protect their identity through the process and potentially collect large rewards of 10% to 30% of the monetary sanctions obtained through the SEC enforcement action.  These rewards can include disgorged funds or the benefit of the bribery damages which can be in the Billions of dollars. 

If you are aware of an illegal bribe or illegal kickback that was used to secure a large contract, please feel free to submit a confidential inquiry or go to the follow web page for more information: International Bribery Lawyer.

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